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Photo by Nicole L. Galinson | NLG Photo  

Deborah Paswaters is a visual and multi-media artist. Her Abstract Figurative style conveys the human figure via the energy of essence, wherein pose inspires emotional response unique to each viewer. 


Her paintings often depict dance, poetry, fashion or performance, and her sculptures evoke the motion and curvilinear essence of the body captured in movement.

Paswaters’ “Living Sculpture”  transforms the “Painted model” into the “work of art” and functions as installation and performance alongside canvas, showcasing the artist’s creative process. 

“Color and light flow between the figure and the surrounding realms in my work,” she explains.  “To me, there exists no separation. The figure’s energy field radiates into air, the environment, and beyond our bodies.”


The artist’s painted canvas, sculpture, ceramics, photography, collage, combined objects, works on paper, and poetry interplay with her personalized signature surfaces.  The range of creations now include unique haute couture and accessories.

Paswaters’ artwork is represented and exhibited by galleries nationally and internationally.



“When I create, there is no separation of the truth from each breath in my life.  I feel the creative is the highest energy, which transcends through my brush, my hand, my vision.  The medium is the powerful conduit to convey and communicate the emotion of the work. It is an ability beyond my consciousness, and therefore a practice, indeed a ‘way of life’ that continually expands and grows in its reach.  

”The Creative, to me, feels as though I can reach in to the body with my eyes! …while expanding that energy to the surrounding space.

”Delving beyond the physical representation of ‘figure’ allows me to speak with energy, color and movement of human-“being” – beyond the traditional male or female representation or standard pose.  I tap the archetypal feminine or pure masculine, transform and incorporate them into the art.  The process creates a relationship to the greater human consciousness.  This relationship, spoken through the work, inspires the viewer to identify his or her own interpretation, surpassing ego, just as I allow the creative ability to have freedom via inspiration.


Muses are important participants in all modalities, and I adore how they cross cultures, borders and unite humanity through the arts.”


“Experimenting continually with mixed-media is a passion and an opportunity to expand the ongoing art-science relationship. I am enthused to continue this journey, playing with media, science and emotion.  This work continues the development of the arts and sciences for our future.


“I often create with live models, inspired by movement. Rather than “pose” my models in structured stagnation, I offer them freedom to “be” and to move in natural pose.  A dancer’s movement is captured by painting on several canvases at once, translating ‘moments of movement’ onto the canvas. I capturing a leap mid-air, rather than propping up a model motionless in a false, posed moment.”



“The world is my studio, and the studio my sanctuary.  It is my sacred space devoted to the Muses and filled with my creative chaos, where a multitude of palettes continually develop upon large tables.  Mirrors, small and large scale canvases, sculptures and painted gowns exist together in such beautiful light, where I create daily into the dark.  Throughout weeks, months, years, I whittle creative days into nights until using one small lamp for light source to create and magnify intriguing shadows. It is a responsibility and a compulsion to capture my experiences of the outside world and translate those feelings inside the studio.”

Arts Educator

I have always felt a calling to pass on the “True Creative”  whether via artist mentorship, my signature Paswaters Figurative Workshops, and more.   Education in the arts has a value that sustains a legacy, apparent throughout art history globally.  I enjoy traveling the world, lecturing, researching, and contributing through artist residencies, museum programming, and student education at all levels, where my focus and expansion is emphasized on the creative process in addition to mere technique.

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